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Testing Philosophical Comment Scraper on Etmooc

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I’m still intending to Comment Scrape Edinburgh Philosophy Mooc blogs as proposed in my last post but following a comment by Vanessa Vaile and looking for a good set of blogs for testing purposes, I unleashed the Scraper on 81 Etmooc Blogger blogs and it returned the following output (see below) – a good test! There are even more Etmooc WordPress blogs so I’ll try to process these too.

This is all very experimental and I can’t possibly check everything with so many blogs and comments so please let me know if you find any oddities – for which I apologise in advance! If the Etmooc output is considered useful I will keep updating it – comments welcome!

So far I’ve only found a handful of philosophy mooc blogs – there must be more among 260,000 #introphil participants!

MOOC Scraper Output on Fri Jan 25 2013 at 11:49 GMT

136 comments from 31 posts (2013-01-15 to 2013-01-25):

24 Jan: ‘Ripples’ by susanvg
{link} {image} {image} I’ve been thinking about sharing. I participat

What a great post. I love how you visualized the various ripples, it’s so true a…(shegstrom,24Jan)

24 Jan: ‘Getting Organized’ by susanvg
I jumped into ETMOOC without much preparation. So now I am going back and thinking things

I really appreciated your comment that we often ask students to do things which w…(erinluong,24Jan)

24 Jan: ‘Getting to grips with Twitter as I enhance my PLN’ by Max Alvarez
To those who think that Twitter is a piece of cake, let me tell you that sometimes the sim

Hi MaxMost people starting out with Twitter find it hard to get use to initially…(Sue Waters,24Jan)
Hi Max, My journey has paralleled yours in many ways when it comes to Twitter…(Allison Adams,24Jan)
Hello Sue! Thanks for reading my post and writing a comment on it.You’re absolu…(Max Alvarez,24Jan)
Hello Allison. Thanks for reading my post and writing your comment. You’re abso…(Max Alvarez,24Jan)
Wow, you really said it all in this blog post. Sue is truly amazing, I think she …(shegstrom,24Jan)

24 Jan: ‘Thanks to Comments, I Feel Connected-Best learning day ever!’ by shegstrom
{link} {image} {image} Today, I opened my email account and yes ther

So true! I blogged about the connections that come from commenting as well. It is thri…(Sue,24Jan)
I too realised that I haven’t been practicing what I preach this year because I have a…(Mary,24Jan)
Thanks for keeping me grounded. Blogging really does help me put my thoughts int…(shegstrom,24Jan)
I think that is why I am so glad I joined the #etmooc, It has helped me to refle…(shegstrom,24Jan)
We become better writers by writing. Some days we feel more inspired than others. C…(susanvg,24Jan)

23 Jan: ‘Hope is the thing with feathers’ by Alyson Indrunas
Yesterday I had an OL student ask me (in so many words): When is it okay to break the rule

Hi Alyson, thanks for this question, when may I break the rules?I am not a anglo…(connectiv,23Jan)
I really like your answer, and I agree! I just hesitate when there grades i…(Alyson Indrunas,24Jan)

22 Jan: ‘Tweeting, Sharing and Blogging … 3 keywords for DiffiMOOC’ by Azhar Youssef
{link} {image} {image} Sharing is a fundamental part of the massively

Azhar – you have completed a lot for one week of the course! I’m impressed …(posts by tweisz,23Jan)
Dear Tracie,Thanks so much for dropping by. I agree with your idea about pers…(Azhar Youssef,24Jan)

22 Jan: ‘Where are the Comments? Learning Communities and #etmooc’ by shegstrom
{link} {image} {image} I was going to tweet this after listening to

Someone I work with once said that she felt that she blogged into a black ho…(Lisa Sanderson,22Jan)
I was surprised that this post still had no comments, despite it being poste…(Stephen Wilson,22Jan)
This ETMOOC is the perfect environment to start a new blog, or to reinvigorate …(Rodd Lucier,22Jan)
Hello,It is so true – all people are motivated by validation and recognition! For…(thehunni,22Jan)
Great questions. While I’ve had a personal blog off and on for several years…(David Saunders,22Jan)
It is not just blogs that suffer the “NO COMMENT” fate if your p…(Mark Christopher,22Jan)
Great post. I agree it can be difficult and disheartening when the comments don’…(Mary Jones,22Jan)
Hi Shegstrom. I can’t find your first name, so I’ll just use your handle 🙂 …(Glenn Hervieux,22Jan)
I completely agree with this statement. Usually the amount of effort I put in is si…(Vanessa,22Jan)
I know today’s education generations is allowing more and more technologies w…(David Newtoon,22Jan)
It’s about helping your students develop connections and interact with each othe…(Sue Waters,22Jan)
I’d add to the list of seven…Post meaningful, good comments on blogs tha…(Eportfolio Keith,23Jan)
I found the same thing when I was blogging consistently. I used my blog to sha…(Robin Martin,23Jan)
This post made me think of the many emails I send to colleagues at work giving t…(Ms Canavan,23Jan)
Yes, the black hole. I have been part of it for a while. I’m so glad I’m not al…(shegstrom,23Jan)
Stephen, You are too cool. I will definately look over your blog. I like your s…(shegstrom,23Jan)
Thank you Rood, I completely agree. We have all gained an valuable resource and c…(shegstrom,23Jan)
Hi David, Today was my ephiphany. Join as many mooc’s as you can. My best blog …(shegstrom,23Jan)
I agree 100%. Today was a great experienc and Thank you for taking the time to r…(shegstrom,23Jan)
Glenn, Welcome to blogland and may I say Thank you for such a great comment. Yo…(shegstrom,23Jan)
First name, Sherry, I get called “shegsrom” online and in my Skype sess…(shegstrom,23Jan)
I would imagine finding new blogs of quality to share with those new to technolog…(shegstrom,23Jan)
I found the same thing when I was blogging consistently. I used my blog to sha…(Robin Martin,23Jan)
Great discussion. I vowed to start blogging when I signed up for etmooc and t…(Sandra Hoenle,24Jan)

22 Jan: ‘MY PLN’ by Kara Jacobs
I used to be this: {link} {image} {image} But, now, thanks to my PLN,

It’s really something when you start to sketch out the vastness of your pers…(Stephen Wilson,22Jan)
It’s really something when you start to sketch out the vastness of your pers…(Stephen Wilson,22Jan)
Thank you Kara for sharing. I am a graphic designer adapting to work with and for…(ellagouws,23Jan)
Hi Kara, the network, is it the people? or the shared knowledge? or is it the tec…(connectiv,23Jan)

21 Jan: ‘After the first etmooc week…’ by Gemma
Well, this first week has been very useful for me to start building my PLE and PLN. I have

Speaking of a language barrier, I couldn’t find the comment section (comentar…(Melissa Marsh,21Jan)

21 Jan: ‘#ETMOOC – An Introduction Video’ by K Lirenman
A few weeks back a tweet went out about a massive open on-line course (MOOC) focussing on

Fantastic Karen! I love the photos you chose and your voice was so clear. Great job!…(Lora,22Jan)
Thanks for sharing. I follow you on Twitter and I’m always interested in w…(etmoocbythelake,22Jan)
I enjoyed your introductory video. iMovie is one of my favorites. My first t…(Lisa Sanderson,22Jan)
Thanks Lora. I wasn’t able to give this as much of my time as I would have liked…(K Lirenman,22Jan)
I love Summerland! I wish I knew you during my IMC days as it would have been wo…(K Lirenman,22Jan)
Looking forward tot seeing you too. So many places to connect. Some times I have…(K Lirenman,22Jan)
Karen.Nice job! I’m so glad you shared your video. I like the pictures and hea…(Denise Krebs,23Jan)
Karen,It’s so nice to hear your voice and see what is truly important to your lear…(Joy Kirr,24Jan)
Thanks Joy. I hope I’m able to give the MOOC enough of my attention. I feel over…(K Lirenman,24Jan)
Thanks Denise. I feel very fortunate to have you and so many others in my PLN. …(K Lirenman,24Jan)

20 Jan: ‘#ETMOOC Introductory Hello!’ by Laura Gilchrist
I’m excited to take part in #ETMOOC. I keep trying to come up with puns associated with th

Laura,I agree about finding my voice. I found mine through Twitter and bloggin…(Denise Krebs,20Jan)
Laura, I love what you say about discovering your voice and the power of stories. I…(Maureen,20Jan)
I feel you on connection in education. Too often teachers show up, shut their door, …(ericjp,20Jan)

20 Jan: ‘I Need Connected Learning- #ETMOOC’ by shegstrom
Ok, here it is a Sunday afternoon and as football looms on the TV, I have just spent 3+ ho

Love this post Sherry! I worry about all these things too and it’s so hard to fi…(Ms Canavan,24Jan)

20 Jan: ‘Checking Out My Classmates cMOOC Style’ by C. Mondor
Who Should I Sit Next To?It’s been awhile since I was in University. But I do remember the

As a rule most find writing posts less challenging then leaving comments on othe…(Sue Waters,20Jan)
Hi C.Mondor, I do like your pic of the day…(jaapsoft,21Jan)

19 Jan: ‘Hey #ETMOOC, I just met you, and this is crazy but…’ by Ary Aranguiz
{link} {image} {image} Last year, at this time, my husband and I rece

I am the FIRST person to say, Wow! What a wonderful presentation. I am always…(lsniestrath,19Jan)
Hi Ary,Really beautiful post, thank you. I’m always touched by children who…(Alison Christie,19Jan)
Thanks for sharing your ideas and your philosophies and goals. This certainl…(Valia Reinsalu,19Jan)
Why could I not hear your singing? Devastated. I’ll try again. (Everything …(Angela Towndrow,20Jan)
MOOC me baby! Jonny and I loved it, congratulations Ary!…(Angela Towndrow,20Jan)
Thank you for this wonderful post and amazing video, Ary! Your students are bles…(Elena Sher,20Jan)
Awesome Ary…so inspiring! What tool did you use to make this video?…(Maddie,21Jan)
Thank you Laurie! I appreciate your thoughts….(Ary Aranguiz,21Jan)
Alison, thanks for listening and taking the time to write a comment. I’m also …(Ary Aranguiz,21Jan)
Jonny seems like a real cutey pie! Thanks for watching and glad to be MOOCing …(Ary Aranguiz,21Jan)
Elena, I’m also thrilled to be learning with people like you. I hope we can co…(Ary Aranguiz,21Jan)
Thank you Maddie for watching. I used I-Movie on my MAC and found the instrume…(Ary Aranguiz,21Jan)

19 Jan: by Alyson Indrunas
Etmoocing: the action of being a part of the {link} #etmooc community.Part of this

Hi AlysonThe key is there are strategies that allow you to monitor the informati…(Sue Waters,19Jan)
Thanks, Sue! I’ve already got you on my Google Reader. I’ll check out your …(Alyson Indrunas,20Jan)
Hi AlysonI’m reading the posts from the Etmooc Blog hub using Google Reader on m…(Sue Waters,20Jan)

19 Jan: ‘MOOC Introduction’ by Barb Brown
This week I enrolled in a massive open online course (MOOC) – {link} http://etmooc

Hi BarbThanks so much for all your educational insite… very excited to be shari…(erinluong,23Jan)

19 Jan: ‘Introducing myself…’ by Gemma
My name’s Gemma and I try to participate in #etmooc.I studied Audiovisual Communication in

Hi Gemma,Welcome to the etmooc. It is my first mooc too, and there is a lo…(Lorraine Boulos,19Jan)
Hi Gemma,Welcome. It’s not my first MOOC. Let me assure you that confusion is…(Vanessa Vaile,19Jan)
Thanks for your comment, Lorraine! I look forward too…(Gemma,20Jan)
Thanks for the encouragement, Vanessa! Little by little…(Gemma,20Jan)

19 Jan: ‘A humbling MOOC experience’ by Sally Hanford
I’m studying a number of other MOOCs at the same time as #edcmooc.One of these is a Course

Hi Sally,I think you have discovered the most wonderful thing about the MOO…(Angela Towndrow,19Jan)
yeah spot on – it’s in the conversations around the ‘core content’ that the real l…(e-purser,19Jan)
This comment has been removed by the author….(Sally Hanford,19Jan)
Thanks Angela, I struggle a bit with Facebook as the discussions don’t appear…(Sally Hanford,19Jan)
Thanks Emily – I work at a UK University where we have a great international …(Sally Hanford,19Jan)

17 Jan: ‘My “Ravenous Demand” – #etmooc’ by Lorraine Boulos
My husband is away in Texas tonight.  My kids are at a concert.  I have the hous

“How have I changed?” — I love that way of looking at learning! …(Claire Thompson,17Jan)
Thx for the comment Claire!…(Lorraine Boulos,17Jan)
I really enjoyed your post Lorraine. It reminded me that the primary purpose we make o…(Mary,17Jan)
Hi LorraineI honestly couldn’t imagine how I might have coped with the #etmooc i…(Sue Waters,17Jan)
Hi Lorraine.That is a great way to reflect on learning – I used to think … and…(Mary Jones,17Jan)
Lorraine: I’m thinking you were one of the people who thought they might be inti…(lisamnoble,18Jan)
Interesting post. You will be able to model what it means to be a learner by making…(susanvg,18Jan)

17 Jan: by Jenni Scott-Marciski
So I just read that I am supposed to prepare an introduction.  I’m choosing, at this

Jenni,I loved reading your story and thank you for sharing it (especially the b…(Celia Coffa,17Jan)
So hear you on the mom stuff. I had to stop listening to tonight’s conference to …(jeannemi,17Jan)
G’day Jenni and Celia,Now that I have retired from teaching after 35 years, I feel…(tasteach,17Jan)
Jenni, I had to chuckle and shake my head in wonder when reading your blogpost …(Ms.J.Kooner,17Jan)
Thanks so much. I’ve changed the settings to include the Name/URL opt…(Jenni Scott-Marciski,18Jan)
Sometimes I ask them for just 5 minutes so I can try to sustain my own…(Jenni Scott-Marciski,18Jan)
Jenni, I’m so excited that you have begun blogging. Your reflections are so hone…(Mrs. Rose,19Jan)
On airline flights, the safety instructions alway remind you to secure your own oxyg…(shazeu,20Jan)

17 Jan: ‘About Me’ by susanvg
This voicethread will help you learn a bit about me.I also have many more interests. I’m a

A very enjoyable Voice thread. I looked at your other blogs and loved the ph…(Heather Davis,17Jan)
@Heather Davis Thanks for the comment (even from a Torontonian 😉 ). I’m sure it ‘…(susanvg,18Jan)
Love the pics of the instruments. I remember learning recorder…(erinluong,23Jan)

17 Jan: ‘#Etmooc – Learning More EveryDay’ by shegstrom
Today I came into the last 35 minutes of the {link} #etmooc session. Wow, what am

I am a big fan of diigo – made the switch from last year and have…(David Saunders,17Jan)

16 Jan: ‘Update on ETMOOC, Network Building’ by Tutor Mentor Connections
It’s been a busy week. I’ve continued to reach out to people who are involved in volunteer

Hi Daniel. From reading your blogpost & your website, I can tell you have w…(Glenn Hervieux,19Jan)
thanks for posting your ideas. I’ve been using the Internet to exp…(Tutor Mentor Connections,19Jan)

16 Jan: ‘Orientation for #ETMOOC’ by Joanna Sanders
I was excited to get started with #ETMOOC this week. I love exploring, discussing, sharing

Thanks for reminding me to get busy using this app I downloaded months ago….(Judy,16Jan)
Love how you used Haiku Deck to review #etmooc topics!…(DebbieFuco,16Jan)
It is fun and easy to use. I see so many possibilities for student summarizi…(Joanna Sanders,16Jan)
Thanks Debbie! You should try it. I love making slideshows with only a littl…(Joanna Sanders,16Jan)

16 Jan: ‘#etmooc: Visible Learning’ by Kara Jacobs
After “attending” the Monday evening session, I am excited for this “course”. I now unders

I hear you on the blogging aspect. I think a blog is very easy to fall by the waysi…(Jeanne,16Jan)
Hi Kara I like how you’ve include the whiteboards from the orientation session. …(Sue Waters,16Jan)
Excited to read your blogging :)…(MmBex,16Jan)
Thanks Jeannne….(Sra. Jacobs,17Jan)
Hi Sue,Thanks for your comment. It will be interesting to refer back at those w…(Sra. Jacobs,17Jan)
Thanks Martina. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but I think I will learn and…(Kara Jacobs,17Jan)
Hi Kara,A great summary and reflection of the first #etmooc session this w…(,19Jan)
Hi Kara,You know, I think it is the chaos that I like best. So many ways to go,…(Julie Balen,19Jan)
Hola Kara!Thanks for sharing your #etmooc experience with the world. You post t…(S. Carrillo,19Jan)
Thanks Emilia! And I would same the same about learning from you – thanks for a…(Kara Jacobs,20Jan)
Thanks for commenting Carolyn. I think the experience with my PLN will help me …(Kara Jacobs,20Jan)
Yes, Julie, you comments about there only being so many minutes in the day is s…(Kara Jacobs,20Jan)
Such powerful questions… looking forward to the evolving answers….(mssanderson_ITS,20Jan)

16 Jan: ‘Open Up! — I Know You’re in There!’ by Christy Cate
Well… I removed the privacy lock from my personal Twitter account today ( {link}

Christy,Thanks for writing about the importance of “opening up” using…(Stacy Olson,16Jan)
Your post is brilliant in how it reflects the concerns so many of us have had – th…(thehunni,16Jan)
Hi ChristyFollowing and I can understand why some choose to have locked accounts…(Sue Waters,16Jan)
I like the look of your blog…and I can hear your voice in what you w…(my two hopeful wings,16Jan)

16 Jan: ‘It’s good to stumble…a little…now and then…’ by Carrie Prefontaine
Tonight’s inaugural #etmooc Twitter chat was surprising for me. I’ve been using Twitter fo

Nice reflection… welcome back to school…(erinluong,23Jan)
I think it is good for us as teachers to remind ourselves what it is to be a learne…(susanvg,24Jan)

16 Jan: ‘ETMOOC: Questions from Alec’ by Michael Walker
{link} {image} {image} Yesterday, I attended the synchronous orientat

Thanks so much for sharing your ideas on transparency. I agree with you, mo…(Kristen Swanson,16Jan)
Kristen, Thanks for the comment. I think modeling and living the life of a c…(Michael Walker,17Jan)

15 Jan: ‘Introduction to #ETMOOC’ by Joanna Sanders
{link} {image} {image} I am very excited to be participating in #ETMO

Wow, you certainly have a lot of knowledge, I look forward to learning from you….(shegstrom,16Jan)
Thanks!! I look forward to learning from you too….(Joanna Sanders,16Jan)

15 Jan: ‘Sharing the excitement’ by Valia Reinsalu
So, the {link} introduction  session last night was quite fun. I a

Thanks Heather!…(Cool class,16Jan)

15 Jan: ‘Bah Humbug redux!’ by Karen Young
So of course I posted this in the blog I created for moocmooc using Word Press thinking t

Hi Alan, I realized later that I wasn’t patient enough with the process, but I …(Karen Young,16Jan)

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  1. This is awesome! I for one would love to see more. Have you tweeted this out?


    January 23, 2013 at 11:53 pm

    • Hi Deb – thanks and good to hear from you again! Yes I’ve tweeted ( @gordon_l ) and there does seem to be more interest this time round. I’ll keep updating as long as there’s a reasonable number of users. Gordon


      January 24, 2013 at 8:20 am

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