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The ‘Comment Scraper’ attempts to aggregate brief summaries of independent blog posts and comments relating to the Introduction to Philosophy MOOC. (At present only WordPress and Blogger types are included). I will try to keep it up to date. NB The Scraper is experimental – comments on its performance are welcome!

Notes: Some comments made before aggregation started may be missing.
See also independent discussions about this MOOC on: Twitter – hashtag: #introphil , facebook, and Google Groups (thanks Jaap!)
Very little activity now – will monitor but leave update date until there’s a change
Main computer crashed! Normal service resumed asap!
Back on air but the 6 comments from 3 posts (2013-02-19 to 2013-03-11) are all from this blog!
Now updated but there must be more blogs making final comments on introphil ??
Rather more comments this update – any new blogs on introphil to be included?
MOOC over but I’ll update as necessary – essays for peer assessment being chewed over!
more comments than ever!
I think I’ll terminate the Scraper now – thanks to all!

Last update: Sun Mar 24 2013 at 15:39 GMT

24 comments from 8 posts (2013-02-22 to 2013-03-24):

16 Mar: ‘Philosophy week seven – time travel’ by Louise Taylor
Time Travel and Philosophy These lectures were great and there is so much interesting read…

Thank you for providing the link to your blog in the Modern/Postmodern clas…(Julie Tomlinson,21 Mar)
Hello Julie and thanks for coming by and commenting. That is very interestin…(Louise Taylor,22 Mar)

16 Mar: ‘learning time, spinning heads’ by Vanessa Vaile
or learning & time travel? Can I shoehorn this into an #introphil post? Tangle a few roots

Well my head is spinning too on returning from Time Travel having shameless…(Gordon Lockhart,17Mar)
Today is philosophy day: I caught up on downloading readings, visited forums …(Vanessa Vaile,17Mar)
PS…(Vanessa Vaile,17Mar)

15 Mar: ‘Sterotypes’ by jaapsoft2
Knowledge of today writes: “ People are not being educated; they’re being test…

For me, school was all the things written on the poster above but I think man…(Scott Johnson,15 Mar)
Thanks for Stephen Brooks reference. This Naive Realism could be found in http…(jaapsoft2,15 Mar)
Both sides push things to the edge without regard for the ability of people t…(Scott Johnson,17 Mar)
I do like your: Who would pay tuition to be bored by smart people–I’d rather have…(jaapsoft2,17 Mar)

13 Mar: ‘A Darwin-Sartre connection: absurd or what?’ by Vanessa Vaile
although I’m not sure quite where (or even whether) this fits in the Introdu

Hi Vanessa – yes you must milk (that’s the verb) the MOOC and also write yo…(Gordon Lockhart,14Mar)
Yes, milk the MOOC, that would do. Plus, with my background in livestock mana…(Vanessa Vaile,14Mar)

11 Mar: ‘#Introphil MOOC – Sixth Week Impressions’ by gbl55
Are Scientific Theories true ? – very interesting topic for me this week. At issue i…

Although *thinking* about comments, I’ve been slacking off questioning an…(VanessaVaile,11 Mar)
Thanks for the link Vanessa – some interesting stuff – ‘Delusions of Alien contr…(gbl55,11 Mar)
And there are the c’s that could use just a touch of x to organize. what…(VanessaVaile,15 Mar)
Now I am tempted to dash about mooc bashing blogs and leave comments suggestin…(VanessaVaile,17 Mar)

04 Mar: ‘#Introphil MOOC – Fifth Week Impressions’ by gbl55
‘Should You Believe What You Hear?’ was the title for this week. It was all ve…

When I was teaching management students at Lancaster University we used the acronym …(mgajrm,04 Mar)
Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Common sense is hard to define but you recognise…(Louise Taylor,04 Mar)
Interesting – hmm .. I guess a trainee electrician would still exercise common sense …(gbl55,04 Mar)
I would like to think so Louise and I know what you mean but people often seem to end…(gbl55,04 Mar)
and its absence even sooner I suspect…(VanessaVaile,14 Mar)
Just as data is not the same a knowledge, it (and analytics) cannot substitute…(VanessaVaile,14 Mar)

26 Feb: ‘Philosophy Week five – Testimony’ by Louise Taylor
This weeks question is Should you believe what you hear? Intellectual autonomy The most im…

For some reason the example of children believing adults reminds me of a recen…(VanessaVaile,15 Mar)
Thanks Vanessa I hadn’t read that study. It is interesting….(Louise Taylor,15 Mar)

24 Feb: ‘#Introphil Mooc – Fourth Week Impressions’ by gbl55
In the Forum This Week An anonymous participant (I’m uneasy about anonymity but ther…

:)…(Louise Taylor,26 Feb)

Written by Gordon Lockhart

November 12, 2012 at 3:40 pm

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