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MOOC Scraper Output (Change11) on Fri May 18 22:49 2012 GMT+1
105 comments from 47 posts (Last output – thanks to all!)
18 May: ‘Afterthoughts #change11’ by jaapsoft2
We bid each other farewell beside the hill, As day meets dusk, I close the woode…

18 May: Interesting, Jaap, your posting of a Chinese poem reminds me the farew…(suifaijohnmak)
18 May: John thanks for comments and posts, do enjoy your writings. The read g…(jaapsoft2)

17 May: ‘Blog Aggregation’ by jennymackness
As with other MOOCs, the #fslt12 MOOC offers blog aggregation From my perspectiv…

Comments by: gbl55(17 May), Mark McGuire(17 May), jennymackness(18 May)

17 May: ‘A gold star for connecting’ by brainysmurf1234
To my fellow moocies and moderators in #change11, #ds106, #cck12 and now #fslt1…

17 May: …(bewareattackstudent – Deb Mynar)
17 May: I really like this {image} …(jennymackness)
17 May: Thanks, Jenny, really looking fwd to it! Best of luck with all the la…(brainysmurf1234)
17 May: Thanks, Debra! Hope to see you ’round the webosphere. {image}…(brainysmurf1234)

17 May: ‘From one mooc right into another!’ by brainysmurf1234
Greetings #fslt12 participants! As I noted earlier today, in response to the #ch…

17 May: Brainysmurf – you are indefatigable! Your interaction during Cha…(gbl55)
17 May: Thank you, Gordon, what a lovely compliment! I’m having a blast…(brainysmurf1234)

16 May: ‘Slides for Change Mooc – May 2012’ by Terry Anderson
In these slides I go over two ideas- one old and still growing – one new…

Comments by: Michael Hotrum(16 May)

15 May: ‘Scholarship and the Tyranny of Openness’ by jennymackness
There have been some great comments by George Veletsianos, Mark McGuire and Fred…

Comments by: jennymackness(18 May)

15 May: ‘Identity and #change11’ by jaapsoft2
What is the difference between identity, ID, self, ego, me, personality? Do thes…

15 May: somewhat but not entirely random associations ~ drama, persona as role…(VanessaVaile)
15 May: Yes Vanessa! …(Tereza Elisabete)
15 May: Identity is a broad and interesting subject for teachers. (and anybody…(jaapsoft2)

12 May: ‘#change11: fleshing out the digital selves in practice (complete with augmented identity crisis)’ by bon
What an interesting and slightly discombobulating ride this whole #change11 faci…

12 May: Thank you, Bonnie, for putting yourself on the spot this week and part…(George)
13 May: thanks George. why performativity? good question. the concept covers a…(bon)
13 May: I didn’t hear lisping. I heard bad audio that a windscreen and a…(Rufus Dogg)
13 May: OK, first: I just listened to a minute or so of the recording and the …(Catherine Cronin)
15 May: lol. the Charlie Sheen link made me think maybe i need a production te…(bon)
15 May: Catherine, i’m delighted to hear that i didn’t sound quite…(bon)

12 May: ‘#Change11 :: Identities’ by gbl55
I enjoyed Bonnie Stewart’s post on Digital Identities and also the recordi…

15 May: The same but technologically “enhanced.” Did you see First…(VanessaVaile)
15 May: Yes – take MOOCs; current technological hiccups (dead links …(gbl55)

11 May: ‘Bonnie Stewart on Digital Identities’ by wgreller
I greatly enjoyed the presentation given by Bonnie Stewart on the Change11 MOOC,…

Comments by: Bon(11 May), wgreller(11 May), Vanessa Vaile(11 May)

10 May: ‘Knowledge and controversy’ by wgreller
One thing that I find discomforting about connectivism and communities of practi…

Comments by: Keith Hamon(13 May), wgreller(13 May), Ken Anderson(16 May)

09 May: ‘Am I smart enough to participate in a MOOC? (2)’ by jupidu
As mentioned earlier in this blog I wrote an Abstract for 11th Annual IAS…

15 May: Nice job, this slides. Challenge: try a slideshow without text. People…(jaapsoft2)
15 May: Yeah, I will try the next time {image}…(jupidu)

09 May: ‘ED366 learning contract – prior to student input’ by dave
Hey folks. Here is my learning contract for the course. Your feedback would be m…

09 May: There’s no sense in which this is negotiated, really, and so I t…(Stephen Downes)
10 May: Hey Stephen, They are able to pick and choose between the different t…(dave)
10 May: ‘Contracts’ require ‘two parties’ to agree to …(JR)
11 May: On a quick read through, I have two questions 1. Are not blog post com…(Lisa Durff)

08 May: ‘My many many online identities’ by jupidu
The topic of today’s week in the Change MOOC is “Digital identities…

08 May: This is very interesting. You brought much material, thoughts, perspec…(helinur)

08 May: ‘Backsoon #change11’ by jaapsoft2
As I will be making music I have to listen to the recorded session of this w…

15 May: Bonnie, Thanks for your comment. Most pairs are part of a continuum or…(jaapsoft2)
15 May: Thanks for your support. I do not believe in dualistic word-pairs. …(jaapsoft2)
15 May: Pairs can be useful temporary constructs as long no one mistakes them …(VanessaVaile)

07 May: ‘#change11 Hidden in public’ by x28
In this week’s article I recognized my “selves” #3 and #4 (participatory and asy…

08 May: Really good points, about the new kind of hiding. I do think the trac…(Bon)
08 May: Your careful plausible wording will certainly be useful for me when ar…(x28)
15 May: thinking just the same about hiding, traces, finding ~ same but from a…(Vanessa Vaile)

07 May: ‘Avoiding Resistance to Grading Contracts’ by dave
I have a course that starts in 4 days. I’ve taught the course before (ED36…

07 May: I’ve taken a MEd course where there was this sort of “cont…(@dawnbheag)
10 May: I have taken a couple of courses where the contract grading system was…(johnarsenault)

02 May: ‘#change11 Scholars’ network, group, and personal practices’ by x28
Week 33 Task 4….

04 May: Hi Matthias – the question of whether open practices online diffuse to…(George Veletsianos)
04 May: Thanks George for the feedback. I am not sure if open science is more …(x28)
07 May: That’s a good point, though I’m not arguing that it’…(George Veletsianos)

01 May: ‘#Change11 :: MOOC Comment Scraper (update)’ by gbl55
To recap, I’ve been developing a MOOC Comment Scraper that brings together…

06 May: Terminals at the entrance, like malls. You are here. Wonderful. MOOCs …(VanessaVaile)
07 May: OK looks like I’ve had a reawakening and am back mooc blogging a…(VanessaVaile)
07 May: With pleasure! Comments duly scraped and now showing. Gordon …(gbl55)

26 Apr: ‘What is Literature?’ by Andrew Neuendorf
Here is a little quiz designed to question your understanding of the term …

Comments by: Erin(29 Apr), Andrew Neuendorf(29 Apr)

26 Apr: ‘The wonder of Wordle’ by brainysmurf1234
I’m guessing that my fellow moocers in #change11, #cck12 and #ds106 are al…

27 Apr: Neat ~ I’d been wondering about using Wordle like this and can…(VanessaVaile)
27 Apr: Glad you enjoyed it! I was able to use it again today with a similar …(brainysmurf1234)
27 Apr: Good thinking brainysmurf! I’ve used Tagxedo rather than Wordle …(gbl55)
28 Apr: Thanks for the tip, Gordon! I hadn’t heard of that one so I…(brainysmurf1234)

25 Apr: ‘Do Androids Dream of Misplaced Modifiers? #change11’ by Andrew Neuendorf
NPR reports that automated grading systems might be better than human teachers a…

Comments by: Mary Pringle(26 Apr), Andrew Neuendorf(27 Apr)

20 Apr: ‘Finally: the ZML MOOC Cow’ by jupidu
In November 2011 I was very impressed by the MOOC cow of Gordon Lockhart …

20 Apr: genial {image} …(Gabriela Bäuml-Westebbe)

18 Apr: ‘Mind-blowing books, interviews about Avatars, Otaku’ by rolandlegrand
Professor Henry Jenkins published the second part of his interview with his coll…

Comments by: Dr Kate Anthony(19 Apr), rolandlegrand(19 Apr)

17 Apr: ‘What’s the Hardest Problem in Science? #change11’ by Andrew Neuendorf
Surely it’s getting more students to major in science? Okay, that’s …

Comments by: Joe Dillon(18 Apr)

15 Apr: ‘Open Strategies in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges’ by Mark McGuire
Last week (11-13 April), I attended the DEANZ 2012 (Distance Education Associati…

16 Apr: Hey, Mark, thanks for sharing your presentation (which I flipped throu…(brainysmurf)
16 Apr: Woops! Right you are. Good spotting! I’ll see if I can fix the …(Mark McGuire)

10 Apr: ‘A return to week 28: Tony Hirst and Gephi #change11’ by lucky
Thanks to Dr. Tony Hirst’s comments on where to start, I’ve taken ba…

10 Apr: Wow, interesting! And you did immerse yourself into technology –…(jupidu)
10 Apr: Hi Jupidu, Thanks for your comment. I can only take credit for trying….(lucky)
11 Apr: I think network mapping has huge potential. I’ve been trying to …(tutormentor1)
11 Apr: I think SNA has important potential and I’ve been trying to find…(tutormentor1)
11 Apr: When I got the comments from tutormentor, I sent an email being a bit …(lucky)
11 Apr: Thanks. I did not intend to post the comment twice, but maybe that wil…(tutormentor1)

08 Apr: ‘The Daily State Of Disruption: Design Principles, Project Glass and Its Discontents’ by rolandlegrand
An overview of some major discussions about the internet and technology during t…

Comments by: Print Catalogs(13 Apr)

07 Apr: ‘Virtual Worlds, Games and Education (another MOOC!)’ by rolandlegrand
There is a true explosion going on in open online learning. I don’t know w…

Comments by: virtual games online(10 Apr)

03 Apr: ‘The tensions at EDGEX2012’ by Viplav Baxi
Speakers at the EDGEX Conference debated many tensions and challenges apparent …

16 Apr: Very well articulated. Education is a many splendoured thing nd what i…(mmpant)

30 Mar: ‘Digital Scholarship: Visualizing a Twitter hashtag’ by George Veletsianos
As part of my research on digital scholarship and the experiences/practices of s…

Comments by: George Veletsianos(13 Apr)

20 Mar: ‘Innovation and commercialisation in higher education research: who benefits? (#change11)’ by opendistanceteachingandlearning
[Images retrieved from…

Comments by: Hentie Wilson(21 Mar), opendistanceteachingandlearning(21 Mar)

2012-05-17: ‘Bonk vs Anderson Interaction Compared’ by George Hobson
Dr Curtis Bonk’s Week 3 session on #bonkopen was titled ” 50 Hyper-Engaging Idea…

Comments by: Terry(05-18)

2012-05-14: ‘Ψηφιακές ταυτότητες’ by Apostolos K. (“AK”)
Το Change11 έχει σχεδον φτάσει στο τέλος. Αυτή η …

Comments by: Apostolos K. (“AK”)(05-15), Apostolos K. (“AK”)(05-15), Apostolos K. (“AK”)(05-18)

2012-05-12: by Allan Quartly
The being-with  role in learning   Being-with is the…

Comments by: Bon(05-14)

2012-05-10: ‘Change11, και οι γλώσσες πλην της Αγγλικής’ by Apostolos K. (“AK”)
Είμαστε τώρα στην 34η εβδομάδα του change11 και μ…

Comments by: Apostolos K. (“AK”)(05-11)

2012-05-09: ‘Grade Focused v. Learning Focused’ by Robert Maxwell
Currently, I am participating in the BONKOPEN MOOC.  This weeks discussion …

Comments by: Apostolos K. (“AK”)(05-13), Robert Maxwell(05-16)

2012-05-07: ‘Zen, the Art of Metacognition & #MOOC Maintenance’ by Vanessa Vaile
Or more about  Quality-Based Discrimination, Peer Assessment & Technology  …

05-07: Interesting post Vanessa – I remember well the excitement surrounding …[gbl55]

2012-04-29: ‘It’s the start of a new MOOC!’ by Apostolos K. (“AK”)
Well, actually, it’s the start of two new MOOCs! I know that Change11 and DS106…

Comments by: Apostolos K. (“AK”)(04-30), Apostolos K. (“AK”)(04-30)

2012-04-24: ‘Freire and Digital Teaching/Learning Resources’ by George Hobson
Freire’s model of learning as an “act of knowing” seems to suit an age gone by. …

Comments by: JanetMB(04-25)

2012-04-18: ‘Teaching is changing – but how and what model is correct?’ by George Hobson
Week 32 of the #change11 MOOC and we are looking into teaching as a Design Scie…

Comments by: Francisco Morfín(04-18), George Hobson(04-19)

2012-04-11: ‘Innovate Now!’ by Robert Maxwell
In the April 8th edition of Chronicle Review, Ann Kirschner presented an article…

Comments by: Howard Johnson(04-12)

2012-04-07: ‘An elephant of a sandbox #change11’ by onewheeljoe
I’ll be blogging in response to a webinar series offered by …

Comments by: insidetheivorytower(04-13), onewheeljoe(04-18)

2012-04-06: ‘The Future of Learning’ by Robert Maxwell
Today at Georgia State University, President Becker and George Pullman (Director…

Comments by: laurissawolfram(04-10), Robert Maxwell(04-11)

2012-03-28: ‘What am I doing in this MOOC? #change11’ by onewheeljoe
I read Stephen Downes’ address at EdgeX2012 , highlighting the parts that…

Comments by: connectiv(03-29), T(03-29)

2012-03-22: ‘Digital Student Writing (Tags #change11 #potcert11 #evomlit)’ by Vanessa Vaile
Upfront disclaimer and confession: this post has nothing to do with current or e…

03-23: So happy to read that students write for self-fulfillment almost as of…[Cris]
03-24: Teen writers club is voluntary ~ that’s a plus. Compulsion is a tu…[Vanessa Vaile]
04-08: I write and I am a student. Keep writing …[IMAGINE]

2012-03-19: ‘Integrating the classroom into ICT and the rise of the virtual pedagogue – #change11’ by Allan Quartly
For years now we have been talking about integrating ICT into the classroom. At …

Comments by: Anonymous(03-20), Scott J(03-20), Lisa M Lane(03-20), Allan Quartly(03-21)

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